Either prototype or already on the shelf, we can help

1. Evaluating your brands digital maturity

So you've been tasked with getting "good" product imagery across mulitple skus and lines.  First thing is to understand what you have and the plan to move towards "great" product imagery.

2. Getting files...It doesn't have to be painful

We can create product renderings a multitude of ways.  Preferably you have access to engineering / CAD files and artwork.  If you don't, no worries.  We can model off of photos and the actual product but will require some additional time.

3. Creative included

With renderings there are a multitude of ways to achieve that "forced perspective" or the "bigger than life" feel.   Additionally, there can be unique perspectives only achievable with renderings.  We provide creative direction that shows off your product in the best light.

4. Modeling

We take the files and creative direction and start modeling the product and/or scene it may live in. The grey scale output allows for input along the way with easy changes to stay on the intended creative direction.

5. Color...Yeah!!!

Once the grey scale product and scene are approved we go to color.  Adding lighting, textures, shadows, and you get the idea.   This color preview ensures the creative process is not hand tied and gives flexibility to pivot if needed.

6. Complete - Give me my renderings!

Once the renderings are approved we supply high resolution jpeg with supporting PSD files.  If larger formats are needed for tradeshows or print we can supply those as well.